Importing new process won’t stop

Issue: When you import a new process that was initially created on a different PC, the status bar would keep loading and won’t close upon completion.

If you force close ABC Tracker and restart it, you will see the following error:


  1. Make sure that there are no spaces in your location path such as the space between “My” and “Documents” in (“C:/My Documents/ABCTracker/”).
  2. Make sure there are no odd characters such as “%, *, #, !, @, =, +, {, }, |”
  3. Make sure that there are no repeated names in the parent folders of the location path (e.g. “… /ABCTracker_1.21.1/ABCTracker/ …”  )
  4. If there are spaces or repeated names in the location path, try reinstalling ABC Tracker to a different location.

For detailed installation instructions, visit the Installation and Setup post.