How to install and setup the tracker program?

System Requirements                                

  1. 64-bit machine                                   
  2. Windows 7,8, 8.1, or 10                    
  3. Have atleast 4GB of RAM                  

Software Requirements

  1. Matlab [Link] – 2015a or higher
  2. Java [Link] – Windows x64 Version

Download Instructions

  1. Download the program. [Link to the download button page]
  2. Click on the file to take you to its location. (You can also find it in your Downloads Folder on your PC).
  3. By double clicking the file, it should display the file in a zip/extraction program; however, do not extract the file.
  4. Instead, drag/copy the file to a desired location on your PC.
    1. Important: Do NOT use complicated location paths or paths that contain spaces such as “C:My Documents/ABCTracker/” (Space between “My Documents”)
    2. Do NOT use location paths that have odd characters such as “%, *, #, !, @, =, +, {, }, |”
  5. Find the file and double click the file to open the ABC Tracker folder.
  6. Double click the ABC Tracker Application to open up the program.