Getting Started

1. Initialization

This video covers the preliminary steps of ABC Tracker: how to upload and how to mark the objects.

For more information visit the Object Marking post.


2.Error Corrections

This video covers the post-processing steps needed to create the most accurate results.

(Error Corrections video soon to come)


3.Visualization Properties and Video Export

This video covers the visualization properties available to export along with your post processed tracking video.

For more information please visit the Visualization Properties post.

In-program instructions?

If you are stuck and have questions during the process, there are in program tutorials available along every step of the way located near the top left of screen. The “Instructions” button will help give information for the step that you are on.

What visualization properties can I add to my processed video?


Visualization properties are available to export along with your processed video. The properties that you assign to the video right before you click the export button, are the properties you will have in the exported video.


Shuffle Colors: shuffle the colors on all of the objects

Global Colors: make all the objects have the same color markings.

Show Markers: make the markings on each object visible or invisible

Interpolated frames: removes/add the dotted object markers

Marker Type drop down box: choose the marker shape

Track ID: shows the ID of the object throughout the video

Show Tails: using the bar, you can adjust the tail length which shows where the object has been